Shaun is a local entrepreneur, businessperson and councillor, offering a real alternative to how we are represented. He is Independent from Party Politics and the squabbling between the main parties, he has lived in Midsomer Norton for 25 years where he has a successful business within the Electronics Industry.

Capable of achieving change, Shaun believes that he possesses the skills and ambition to make a difference to our area.

Shaun lives, works, shops, walks his dog, plays skittles and pays his taxes in North East Somerset and is part of this community in every way.

You are unlikely to see Shaun’s picture in the press as he does not open fetes or supermarkets or chase photo opportunities preferring to spend his time achieving objectives and being judged by his results. Shaun firmly believes that we need an MP who lives in the real world understanding what it’s like to cope with the daily issues that surround us and not just read about them in the Times.


The Conservatives tell us it’s all about Brexit and that’s clearly not true, This election will not solve the Brexit issue.  however we’ve all seen the issues within North East Somerset in all aspects of our lives.

Brexit is a major challenge for our nation during the coming years however lets not ignore the serious local issues we need to tackle, increasing crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour, declining high streets, serious cuts to our Police, privatisation of our Health Services and care of our elderly and of course the Climate Emergency.

There is also a constant pressure for the building of new housing without the infrastructure to support, already our surgeries, hospitals, police officers are stretched to their limit we need to have a clear coordinated plan to invest in our existing community.

Our current MP seems to think Brexit is just a game, happy to push us out of Europe at any cost, I’m sure that he will not go without if it all goes wrong, however the rest of us do not live in his little bubble, this is the real world where job losses are not just acceptable collateral and increases in the cost of food, fuel and heating impact on peoples lives.

I believe that our MP should be part of our community not watching from the side-lines. Our MP should have a hands on understanding of the issues we face on a daily basis.

This is a wonderful place to live, we need someone in Westminster fighting to protect it and push to improve the services that we rely on. My priority is to put the needs of North East Somerset first

Let’s make our first priority North East Somerset, It’s time for a change!

What are my views?


I would like to see the United Kingdom remain within the European Union as I firmly believe that we are financially and economically better off, a view also acknowledged by experts of all backgrounds not to mention our current MP.

The government are busy telling us that we must “get Brexit done” but they’re not giving us any tangible reasons why it’s in our best interests to do so.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) said “We estimate that, in the long run, the economy would be 3.5% smaller with the deal compared to continued EU membership,”, they also estimated a no-deal Brexit would reduce by 5.6%. so if we’re not leaving for economic advantage why are we leaving?

As a business owner I make decisions based on the latest and most accurate information available, it would be ridiculous to change the direction of my business using information that was 3 years out of date and largely false.

I understand that there are other reasons for wanting to leave not just financial and believe that reform from within Europe is the best way forward.

One thing is for sure, we all know a huge amount more about being part of Europe now than we did 3 years ago.

The European Union is the second largest trading organisation in the world second only to USA with 40 free trade deals with more than 70 countries, we are part of this and benefit hugely.

Almost 50% of our trade is directly with other EU members, with another 17% through over 50 EU trade agreements with countries around the world. All in all, two-thirds of our global trade is with and through the European Union.

To continue to trade with the EU we will still need to comply with European legislation and product standards etc, so what exactly changes?

When we leave we will have ZERO trade deals, do we really believe that as a small country of 66 million we can negotiate better trading terms than the EU with a population of 500 million?

A trade deal typically take more than 2 years to negotiate, however the EU deal with japan took around 5 years. So we should expect some difficult years ahead.

I have yet to see any benefit to UK businesses or economy by leaving the EU, and little opportunity to offset the inevitable downturn unless like Jacob Rees-Mogg or James Dyson you can afford to move some of your business activities offshore.

The solution is a second referendum

The obvious and common sense approach is to give the population an opportunity to reaffirm their wish to leave now that they have all the facts, if the answer is Yes we should leave whilst also bringing the nation together behind this policy.

Either option can only succeed with the overwhelming support of the population, something we do not have, I hope that a new referendum based on the clear facts now available can achieve this and reunite our country.

Ultimately it’s for the government to find an option that commands the support of the vast majority (not 52/48%).

Whatever the outcome I’m confident the UK will succeed with the right leadership from parliament, this will require more independent thinking and less party politics.

Independent MPs vote for what they believe in and not what they are told to vote by their party whips.


When managed correctly immigration is a good thing and often necessary provided the skills match the needs of the community, our hospitals and local businesses have benefited from this, I am in favour of a system where an application is considered by awarding points for factors that benefit our area such as skills, qualifications, family connections etc. most importantly there should also be a work position available. let’s not forget that nearly 50,000 of our nurses and 10,000 doctors are from outside the UK.


I do not agree with the government’s plans for more free schools and grammar schools, we need to invest in our existing schools, let’s give our schools the funds and resource to support children from ALL backgrounds and create a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD regardless of family wealth.

We should remove any stigma felt by children and parents due to differing incomes by providing nutritional meals and ensuring school uniforms, school trips are the same for everyone.


We have seen large increases in housing developments during recent years, with many of our traditionally industrial areas now residential. It is critical that the development of our Hospital facilities, surgeries, schools and emergency services also keep pace.

It’s time to concentrate on making our town better not bigger.

Our first time buyers cannot get onto the housing ladder due to difficulty raising high deposits while also paying high rents.


There have been significant cutbacks in Police funding on a national level, since 2010 we have lost 20,000 police officers under the Conservative government, with our remaining officers doing their best to cope with reduced numbers and resource, I am concerned that further cutbacks will leave our less populated areas with unacceptable levels of response. Cuts are in danger of going to far with closure of police stations and lack of presence outside of major towns and cities.

Officers on patrol as a deterrent and a reassurance to the public has diminished at a time when we have seen Increases in anti-social behaviour, drugs and drug related crime and a reduction in the investigation of crime.


I am a strong supporter of our NHS and believe that treatment should be free to all UK residents, however it is clearly not sustainable with the current structure, due to ever-increasing demands and rising costs, we are a victim of our own success as people live much longer and care of the older generation takes a higher cut of the funds available.

Serious issues with A&E departments and lack of beds are clear indications that the system must change.

I also have concerns regarding Virgin Care and ongoing staff issues, I firmly believe that Healthcare should be managed by the NHS and not by corporations whose loyalties are to shareholders and creating profit.


Shaun is traditionally Conservative and passionate about the area he lives in and believes that we should expect the same from our MP. He is proud of the fact he is part of the local community in every way, and has hands on experience on a daily basis of our area and the challenges we face.

He has lived in Midsomer Norton for the past 25 years having grown up on a council estate on the outskirts of Portsmouth where he attended a comprehensive school. Since 1994 he has managed his own successful business in the Military and Avionics Electronics industry, Shaun represents the people of Midsomer Norton as a B&NES Councillor for the Midsomer Norton North ward.

Shaun enjoys cycling, snowboarding and running and completed the 2017 London Marathon for Whizz-kidz to raise money for children in desperate need of wheel chairs and in 2018 the New York Half to raise money for deprived children.


If you have any issues you would like to discuss, call me on 01761 408161, write to:
Shaun Hughes, Unit 22, Midsomer Enterprise Park, Radstock Road, Midsomer Norton BA3 2BB
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