Nomination papers have been submitted and accepted, I am now an official candidate for the General Election on June 8th.

Why am I standing?

I believe that our MP should be part of our community not watching from the side-lines through binoculars. Our MP should have a hands on understanding of the issues we face on a daily basis.

In seven years I can not think of a single action by our current MP that has made my life in Midsomer Norton any better. We have some serious issues to tackle, crime and anti-social behaviour, declining high streets, serious cuts to our Police and health services,

I am concerned about the depth of the cuts in our region outside of Bath and believe that we need someone in Westminster fighting to protect and push to improve the services that we rely on.

The Conservatives tell us we must vote for them to get a good Brexit deal, the reality is that our local MP seems more Nigel Farage than Theresa May. The confrontational approach of Nigel Farage cannot be the best way to negotiate with our European partners.

I agree with Theresa May’s strategy and stance on negotiations and will receive my full support whatever the outcome.

Therefore Brexit is just one of many reasons to vote and I would encourage everyone in our constituency to also consider all the local issues that affect our daily lives.