Whether it’s the Scottish or Brexit referendum or the general election, we are always asking for re-runs if it’s not gone our way. Why can’t we allow democracy to work in this country without the need to call for re-runs and resignations?

For me It’s quite simple Theresa May called for an election because she wanted support for changes to the current manifesto. The British people voted and made it clear that we want her to be prime minster but don’t like the changes.She removes the changes and gets on with the job.

Where’s the problem?

Brexit was won by only 4% of the vote and we must accept that so Jeremy Corbyn and Labour please accept that Conservatives won by more than 20%, now get on the job you are being paid to do.

Creating instability within our parliamentary system causes loss of confidence on the global market, reduced negotiating power in Europe, this leads to higher prices in our shops, possible job losses, and a weaker deal with Europe.

So ask yourselves who in parliament has our best interests at heart? MP’s need to get behind our country whoever’s leading it.