In an attempt differentiate themselves our parties have given varying approaches to the Brexit negotiations:

Labour – want this fairy-tale soft brexit where we get divorced but continue to live in the spare room.

Lib-Dems – want a vote on the brexit deal, apparently we’ll tell the EU that if they don’t give us a good deal we’ll vote to stay. Great negotiation strategy.

Conservatives – want a hard Brexit, which in over words is just Brexit, we leave the EU. And tough quotas on immigration to keep their UKIP side of the party happy.

I understand that there are many ways to approach the same problem, but the manifestos are so wildly apart it’s little wonder people wonder if any of our political parties know what they are doing.

Pledges of 8 to 30 billion on NHS additional funding, differences of 10000 police officers, quotas on immigration caps. Figures that can’t be substantiated, u turns on critically important issues such as elderly care.

Our politicians are more divided than ever even within their own parties, this is not what the country needs at a time of uncertainty. One thing’s for sure, following this election the political parties will need to forget their party tribalism and work much closer together if we are to succeed.