We live in a world of disconnects:

Party politics disconnected from young voters.
Our MP disconnected from the real world.
Bath disconnected from North East Somerset.

In my opinion we have been the poor cousins to Bath for too long now, Bath seem only interested in the economic growth of Bath even if that is at the determent of the surrounding areas.

It’s important to remember that around half of B&NES live in NES not Bath city.

At present 73000 people come to Bath per day, they estimate this will increase to 96000 during the next 12 years.

Problem: How do you get these people into Bath without the pollution and traffic?
Solution: Put a Park & Ride car park in North East Somerset!

This is not solving the problem just moving it to someone else’s back garden, I’m happy for Bath to spend money on swimming pools, shopping malls even million-pound bus lanes and achieve their economic growth plans but not at the expense of the surround areas.

So, B&NES if you have some money left over how about investing some in places like Midsomer Norton, a town desperately in need regeneration and perhaps you could come up with a Core Strategy that’s feasible and funded rather than producing one just to tick boxes on government forms and keep expensive consultants employed.