I’m along with all of you appalled and disgusted with such an awful act, this has nothing to do with religion, I prayers are with the victims and their families.

Just a quick word about the brave people who in moments of terror are running towards the threat, our police and ambulance crews, our doctors and nurses.

Discussions of numbers, pay and generally how our government treat them is perhaps a discussion for another day but often overlooked and taken for granted. These people are hero’s and put themselves on the front line every day.

I also think its’ time to review our terrorism laws, our intelligence officers have identified 23,000 possible jihadist extremists living in the UK.Currently there are around 500 operations watching more than 3000 suspects that are judged to “pose a threat”

We can all remember the case of Abu Hamza who’s extradition of took 10 years, the European court of human rights said that we could not take his UK passport way.

Despite the comments from other parties during the Midsomer Norton Hustings telling us that the powers exist it’s obviously not the case if it required the highest court in our land, millions of pounds and 15 court cases. Lets review and ensure the people working hard to protect us have every tool available to be effect against these threats.