If the UK was a business we’d sack half the MP’s on their first day! Can you imagine employing highly paid managers and of their first day they plot the downfall of the board?

I’ve been watching the election post-mortem with interest during the past few days, this game where the parties pull each other to pieces and claim they won. The reality is that both major parties increased their votes:

Conservatives +5%
Labour +10%.

But if you want to know who actually won just look at the scoreboard, the result is Conservatives won by 56.

The phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” come to mind, while they indulge in the mud throwing, calling for resignations and generally justifying their own existence, the rest of the world are watching and making their judgement, this can be seen both in the stock market results and another exchange rate drop.

It’s crazy that opposition MPs are praying for the failure of the government so they can further their own selfish party agenda rather than the needs of the country, it’s time to put the country first after all we are paying you £76,000 a year do just that.

So politicians put your ego’s to one side, you are highly paid public servants, expected to be roll models, professional. A lot of you won through a protest vote, not because the public have any respect or confidence in you, so now is your chance to prove your worth.

We can only succeed through unity, Please now get to work there’s a lot to do.

(Rant over) 🙂