I’m sorry to hear of Tim Fallon’s resignation as Lib-Dem leader, you couldn’t fault his enthusiasm and passion and he certainly added another dimension to the election campaign, his resignation has however raised some interesting questions

Religious, Political or Gender preference, the first 2 we can have an open and frank discussion, the third however is still taboo in the same way that 10 years ago discussing immigration branded you racist now having an opinion on GLBT often labels you homophobic.

If you want respect for your beliefs and lifestyle you must extend the same right to others, regardless of if I agree with Tim Fallon or Jacob Rees-Moggs I certainly respect their right to their religious beliefs.

Religion is as important as sexual preference, neither has precedence over the other as these are often entrenched in our biological makeup, unlike political opinion that can change or adapt though debate and presentation of facts.

Our parliament must be truly representative of our society and culture, and we would be poorer if we insist that our politicians follow narrow political correctness like sheep, or even more cynically to get votes.

Personally, I come from a very religious background but don’t have a strong opinion either way on this topic but will resolutely stand up for people on both sides for their right to hold their opinions or beliefs. I will not stand up for people’s right to push those opinions on others.

Tim Fallon demonstrated how to balance politics and faith and I commend him for his honesty and hope the rest of our politicians can show the same commitment.