I’m pleased to see that the Conservatives have dropped their plans to increase the number of grammar schools and very happy to see they have (for now) also dropped the changes to school dinners.

This is still not enough, recent analysis by the institute of fiscal studies has concluded that the current Conservative plan will mean a real-term cut of 2.8% in school funding between now and 2022.

Schools are already having to cut both teaching posts and subjects from the curriculum to balance the books.

Plans to increase the school budget by 1 billion pounds are now unlikely as most of this money was to be generated from scrapping meals or infants.

Austerity and balancing the books is important but nowhere near as important as investing in the education of our children. Our children more than ever must compete in a global market and we have a duty to prepare them for this.

So Theresa, do what you promised and invest in our existing schools, once you have all schools rated as outstanding, removed the postcode lottery, ensured that our children are given nutritional meals, and created a level playing field for all children regardless of their family finances only then can you consider your plan for more free schools.